Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Weird, Weird, Weird

Well it was our first Sunday back in the church that my wife and I Pastored for almost 12 years. We have been gone over two full months and it was so weird to just sit in a service. For the last 12 years when we went to church it was time to go to work. We had to make sure everything was in place, including all the people who were doing various things in the church, that the sound system was working, heat and ac were working, that it was not too cold or too hot, that it was not too loud or too soft, that the sermon notes were printed, the doors were unlocked, the coffee was brewing, and everything was ready. Now we had a lot of help doing those things but as it stands, the boss is the one in charge and I take the notion that if it is not done or done incorrectly even if someone else does it, it ultimately is the bosses responsibility. And to walk in and not have to correct or make sure of things was a weird feeling.
What was weirder was my want to take care of things. I wanted to make sure everything was ready even when I was no longer in charge. Is that weird or what? I am wondering how long it will take me to get over being in charge?
Everyone told me the hardest part of a change is letting go of the things of the past... even those things that are a pain are hard to let go of.

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