Monday, March 12, 2012

Been a while

well I have taken an extended leave of abscence from blogging. Not sure why but I have.
A lot has changed in the last six months of my life. My wife and I resigned our pastorate, started a new business, sent two girls off to college and decided to remodel the upstairs of our home.
As I said, a lot is changing.
I am kind of feeling that in my soul more so now than ever before. The last eight weeks we have secluded ourselves from being attached to church. We just decided that the new pastor needed time to establish himself and we needed a break from the people. This break has really stretched me, in more ways than one.
First I have found it is really hard to remain neutral in a work you have been neck deep in for over a decade. Decisions that are being made that I am finding myself evaluating them as if they were my decisions. It has been really much harder than I realized to just let go, both physically and emotionally. I have to be really careful that I do not let my emotions get the best of me, as my first instinct is to step in and fix it for everybody, well that doesn't work so well when you are not in charge.
Secondly it has been really hard on my to admit that I can fall into that trap of not going to church very easily. My schedule has been heavy, I am tired from my normally work related duties and throw in a house remodel on top of it and I am very weary, what better way to ward off weariness than the sleep in on Sunday morning? I will say it is nice to get up, drink coffee with your wife and not have to worry if you have enough teachers for the morning service, if the nursury will be covered and if you got all your notes printed off correctly for the service. But there is a lull that comes over you when you miss those appointed days in the house of GOD. I am not dry by any means, and I have continued in some personal studies, but I miss the experience of worshipping with people of like faith. I miss the congregational organism which is the church when all of its parts are together and one in the service. I miss the body of Christ.
Well our sabbatical is almost over, we will go back next week to our first service in over two months. Will it be weird just setting in a pew and watching someone else fret over all the details of the service, yes. Will it be good to just get to set among the people of GOD? Yes it will.

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