Friday, May 20, 2011


So have I mentioned that I am in the middle of a remodeling project? I am sure I have but let me digress.
I am applying so many spiritual truths that are coming alive during my project.
Suff like,
To have a solid structure you have to have a "good" foundation.
My house moves all over the place on its foundation. The reason? Well it really does not have a solid foundation. It is what is considered a "mud sill" foundation which means the house is basically built up in the air on top of piers that sit on the ground. So when it rains, drys out or some other climate change occurs the house moves a little.
We can be like that in our spiritual lives if we don't "root" ourselves in following Christ.
When you "root" yourself in following Christ you dig down deeper than the surface. There you have holding power.
But when you are just a surface level Christian, you life will move all over the place. When the changes come to your life you will not be rock solid but you will drift and move according to those changes. You may not drift or move much but small compromises eventually lead to larger compromises and eventually lead to failures in life.

So build your house upon the rock! Get a firm foundation and don't be moved!!
Now where did I put that crowbar? Back to work.

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