Monday, May 23, 2011

End of the World?

Well we are all still here as far as I know. We did not miss it. I don't think it has happened.
Many were believing that the rapture of the church, the great catching away of the people of GOD before the time of tribulation was to happen this weekend. Well as far as I can tell it did not happen.
But, just because it did not happen, doesn't mean that it will not happen. The Bible says that we are to be ready at any moment. We are not guaranteed one moment of time on this earth but are apportioned a set amount of time and then we will face GOD and give an account of how we have used those moments. It could happen at the time of the rapture, or it could happen when we are old and grey, or it could happen in a moment like it did for the scores of people who lost their lives in the tornadoes that just ripped acrost the midwest. When your life is called into account, be ready.
Just because one man missed it, doesn't mean that you need to miss it to.

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